Grant Program

The 2020 Teacher Grant Award Program is not yet open for submissions. We will open the portal for submissions on March 1st, 2020.

The due date is April 30, 2020.

Notification will take place by June 1, 2020.

A funding ceremony will take place in September and grant monies will be awarded to the Dartmouth Public Schools.

The DEF has funded grants in varying amounts with a range of $250-$3500. We will accept applications of any amount and will carefully review as a Committee all that apply. Each year, the DEF consults with the Dartmouth Public Schools Administration to understand what the annual technology plan will cover so that we can extend what is possible for teachers and students.

Generally speaking, preference will be given to grant applications that:

  • Contain an itemized budget (a budget that lists 10 widgets at $20 per widget and 5 baskets at $10 per basket is preferable to a budget that lists $250 for widgets and baskets)
  • Purchase materials that are reusable (an eternal license for software is preferable to a one year software license)
  • Benefit a large number of students (books for an entire grade, to be shared across classrooms in a school, are preferable to books for a single classroom)
  • Are instructional in nature (materials for STEM lessons are preferable to classroom furniture)

Grant Application

Instructions: Your program narrative proposal should contain the following elements. You will have the ability to upload supporting documents (figures, budget narrative etc.) prior to submitting the proposal. We expect each proposal to no more than two pages.

  1. Application/organization
  2. Your name and phone number
  3. Email
  4. Amount requested
  5. Date requested
  6. Timeframe of project
  7. Approx. number and grade-level of students impacted
  8. Purpose of grant
  9. Project goals
  10. Budget narrative – how will the money be spent